How can I bond with my dog?

Dog activities range from walks to competition. The great news is that there is something for everybody & if you have a working breed or a dog with a lot of energy, doing one or more of these things can help to enrich their overall wellness.

Training/Enrichment Activities

Basic obedience training is the most amazing way to bond with your dog. The mental stimulation can often help to deplete extra energy all while practicing good behaviour. How can you go wrong? Obedience is always recommended to be at an Intermediate level but many go on to Canine Good Citizen & Therapy Dog. Our trainer Suzanne Taurone is an AKC evaluator & offers prep classes as well as certifications for both CGC & TDI!

Treat dispensers & puzzle dispensers are a great way to get your dog to think & work off energy all while good behavior is being enforced. If your dog is working the peanut butter out of a Kong, he won’t have any time to bark, jump or chew on your furniture. There are also so many DIY enrichment toys that work as well.


Whether you’re strolling on pavement or taking it to the forest, know that getting your pup out & about is always a good idea. Teaching your dog to walk nicely on leash will make your walks & hikes a more enjoyable experience. Look, walking your dogs should be therapy, not a headache. If your dog doesn’t walk nicely on a leash, you won’t walk him & down the line you’ll be dealing with pent up energy.
If you’ve got a high energy breed, hiking is the way to go! They get to climb & explore the outside world. There are even companies that make first aid kits & doggy backpacks so they can carry their own supplies & stay safe! No matter where you choose to venture, just don’t forget about leash laws!

Companion Sports

Dogs are able to compete in sporting events for either fun or for titles. Most popular sports are Agility, Obedience, Rally & Tracking. That’s not all! Barn Hunt, Dock Diving, Flyball, Earthdog(great for small terriers/Dachshunds) & more! You can learn more about each sport by clicking the link to AKC’s website. These types of sports are excellent for fulfilling a working dog’s needs, working high energy breeds and for furthering the bond you have with your dog by working together.

Other Activities

Fetch, Tug, Flirt/Spring Pole, and Frisbee are all great ways to get energy out of dogs with toy drive. We can also create structure within these activities using obedience(ie. asking for a sit before throwing the ball/frisbee). In addition to those great aspects, we are also having fun with our best pals!

The best way to get started is by building a foundation of obedience with the training classes offered at Pet N Play Resort. Our training team can help to guide you in a direction of which sport or activity would be most enjoyable and beneficial for both you & your dog.