Special Medical Needs

Special Needs Pets

The highly trained staff at Pet N Play Luxury Pet Resort understands that some of our guests may have certain medical needs that require extra special attention. As a veterinarian-owned and supervised pet resort, we’re happy to provide peace of mind and tender loving care for pets with chronic conditions, including epilepsy, diabetes, and arthritis.


Diabetic Pets

Pets who are diabetic and receiving injections of insulin need extra special care while staying away from home. In order to provide them with the best possible care, our medical team will review their records from your veterinarian.

Required paperwork include: Bloodwork including a glucose curve, fructosamine, and complete blood count; and a urinalysis performed within six months. You will also need to provide their insulin and syringes. It’s also very important that they remain on a consistent diet, so we ask that you bring their food from home. Our goal is to keep them on a consistent routine, so we will spend time with you to develop a feeding and medication schedule.

Please speak with our Reservation Specialist for specifics.

Epileptic Pets

Pets who are prone to seizure activity require lots of additional TLC throughout their stay in order to avoid triggering seizure activity.

We are happy to accommodate pets whose seizure activity is well regulated by medication. Please speak with our Reservation Specialist when booking.

If you are experiencing difficulty getting your pet’s seizure activity under control, we would be happy to schedule a consultation at our veterinary hospital with one of our veterinarians.

Arthritic Pets

Elderly pets with mobility issues and pets recovering from orthopedic surgeries require special accommodations and care. Our goal is to keep your pet safe and comfortable throughout their stay, so we’re happy to provide orthopedic bedding, individual walks, and cold/heat therapy.

Please let us know when booking if your pet has a history of orthopedic surgery or arthritis or requires any mobility assistance when speaking with our Reservation Specialist.

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