Why Puppy Daycare?

Your puppy is growing & learning. Socializing your dog with other pups & people is crucial for their confidence as they grow. In addition, they learn bite inhibition from playing with other puppies which is an important life skill for your pup to have. Puppy daycare will also help get out that extra puppy energy & a tired pup is a puppy that won’t have time to get into trouble!

First day of daycare

It’s going to feel like you’re dropping your child off at their first day of school. It’s totally normal for a pet parent to feel emotional about leaving their fur baby with just anybody. Our staff is trained to know about the puppy brain & canine communication. We LOVE puppies so fear not, you’re little one will always get plenty of attention & love while in our care!

Puppy Daycare Itinerary

What does your puppy’s day look like? We have carefully come up with our structure for puppy daycare to benefit you and your puppy. Puppies are matched in appropriate groups of playstyle, size and temperament. Puppies who are or have become more confident may be kept separate from our newer, shyer puppies until they become more comfortable. While at daycare, puppies will participate in shorter, yet more frequent play times in order for them to learn how to rest as most puppies don’t learn this naturally. It also gives their tummies time to rest before lunch!

Between play sessions and during lunch time we utilize crates to allow puppies to decompress and relax. We firmly believe that crate training your puppy is essential for their lives. It can help with potty training, being away from you and to ultimately create a safe space for them. Crates should never be used as punishment & when it comes time to let the puppies out to play, structure is put in place by waiting until the puppy is sitting or at least calm before letting them out to play. With this structure incorporated, a puppy will quickly learn how to make the crate door magically open; with calm and relaxed energy. As puppy owners, please realize this can and will take time and ultimately patience. The best way we can help our puppies to succeed is to be consistent at daycare and at home!