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Award-Winning, Veterinary Supervised Pet Hotel, Doggy Daycare, Grooming, and Training in the Hudson Valley

Our Luxury Pet Resort Services

We are not your typical cat and dog boarding kennel – we are a full service pet resort in Newburgh, NY.

NEWBURGH, NEW YORK -- DECEMBER 08: Pets staying at the Middlehope Vetreinary Pet Hotel. PHOTOGRAPHS BY MATT MOYER & AMY TOENSING

Overnight Accommodations

Overnight Accommodations for Dogs and Cats


Grooming Salon

Grooming Salon & Spa

Doggy Daycare

Daycare for Dogs & Puppies

Training Academy

Group & Private Training Sessions


We treat your pets like our own!

Call us at 845-632-0306 to learn more and schedule your reservations.

Luxury Overnight Accommodations at Pet N Play

Pet Activity Packages

Fun is what we’re all about! Our staff specialize in Fetch, Tug-of-War and Belly Rubs and they’re here to make sure your pets get lots of love, playtime and attention, just like they get at home. At Pet-N-Play, we know that exercise, socialization and lots of human contact make the happiest and healthiest dogs and cats.

Our goal is to emulate your pets’ routine with you at home and then add in lots of additional treats and fun to create your pets’ dream vacation! We want your pets to have as much fun as you while you’re away… if not more!

Our goal at Pet N Play is to emulate a pet’s life at home and then add in lots of additional fun and attention that makes it “just like home, only better!”
It is our staff that sets us apart from our competitors – We adore animals! And all of our staff displays that core value in every aspect of their care.
To provide the optimum safety and care of your pets. Pet N Play is veterinary owned and our staff are certified by the Dog Gurus in dog body language and communication.


The Pet N Play Resort gets two hands and paws up. The staff is friendly and the facility is clean. You can tell that the staff love what they do. Enzo has fun whether he goes for doggy day care or for boarding. When you leave your pet at the Pet N Play you can relax and enjoy your vacation knowing that your pet is in the best care.
Jennifer and Dante Desantis
When I tell my dog Lily that she is going to Doggy Daycare, she sits by my door and waits for me until I’m ready to leave. She loves going to visit all of her friends – both canine and human!
Erin Gephard
Pet n Play is simply the very best doggie daycare facility that I have ever seen or heard of. High levels of supervision and structured play time are provided by remarkably numerous staff members. My dog is overwhelmed with joy whenever I take him there.
Philip Boeshaar
Mulch had a fantastic vacation with you! Thank you for taking phenomenal care of our puppy again!
Alison Durkin
Thank you for the excellent care given to Sunny. We have never left him, had to for our son’s wedding in Ma. It gave us tremendous relief to be able to view him often on our I-phone. He came back fine, is perfectly himself today. We are very grateful.
Angela Fagan
One word: The BEST!
Wanda Mora
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Award-Winning Service!

Our goal is to emulate your pets’ routine with you at home and then add in lots of additional treats and fun to create your pets’ dream vacation!
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