Checking In and Checking Out


In order to allow housekeeping ample time to properly prepare each suite, we request check-ins begin at 3pm. You are welcome to check in earlier and activities begin upon your pet’s arrival; however, your pet’s room may not be available until normal check in time. There is always a full charge for the first day of stay, regardless of check-in time. Prior to checking in, please have your pet’s health records faxed to us at (845) 562-4856 and complete a Check In Sheet. You will also be asked to sign a Resort Agreement  and a Grooming Release  (if your pet is scheduled for a grooming).


In order to allow housekeeping ample time to properly prepare each suite for its next guest, customary check-out time is 12 noon. Pets are welcome to stay with us past 12 noon to enjoy that day’s activity package or to receive spa treatments – however, they will be moved from their room in order to allow for the next guest. Please note that all pet’s checking out after 12 noon Monday through Saturday and all pets checking out on Sundays will be charged in full for that day’s activity package.


Our lobby is open Monday through Friday 8am-6pm; Saturday 8am-1pm; and Sunday 11am-5pm. Clients in need of special circumstances may request after hours check in or check out for a convenience fee of just $50.


We provide a diet called Hills Sensitive Stomach, which is high quality, easily digestible, and great for all stomachs. You are welcome to provide your own food, especially if your pet requires a special prescription diet or has any food allergies. We also highly encourage you to bring your cat’s food from home, as they tend to prefer their own. We ask that you kindly package your pet’s food by meal and label it with their first and last name. Under the guidance of our veterinarians, we feed twice daily.

If your pet is accustomed to a different feeding, please discuss with our Reservation Specialist.

We understand that emergencies happen and delays in your travel can cause your supply of food to run short and need to be replenished. In such an event, we’re happy to supply their special food for a service fee in addition to the cost of the product in need.


Because we are veterinarian-owned and supervised, we’re happy to provide medications to your pet, including oral, topical, and injectable prescription and non-prescription medications, including insulin. Our staff receives medication administration training by our veterinary team. A qualified staff member is available to administer oral and topical medications for $2.50 per administration. Insulin injections can be administered for an additional fee. Our Reservation Specialist would be happy to assist you with your pet’s medical needs.

All medications must be provided by owner, include the original label to indicate the name of the medication, dosage, administration instructions and schedule, and prescribing physician.

Please see Vaccines and Health Requirements  for additional labwork and records we require before dispensing certain medications.


We regret that we’re unable to accept any personal items from home (bedding and blankets). As a luxury pet resort, we provide lush, comfortable bedding, blankets, and toys to keep your pets comfortable throughout their stay.


For the safety and health of all guests in our care, each guest is required to provide proof of current vaccines and labwork prior to check in. Because we’re a full service veterinary hospital, we’re happy to update any of your pet’s annual vaccines and labwork, perform surgical procedures, and tend to any other medical concerns throughout their stay with us.


While we are happy to provide care for older pets and to administer medications for chronic conditions, we’re unfortunately not equipped to care for aggressive or biting pets.

Leashes and Carriers

For each pet’s safety, please ensure all dogs are on a leash and all cats are in a carrier from the time they leave your car. Each canine guest is supplied with an ID collar upon check in, and all leashes, collars, and harnesses will be returned to the owner at check in.

Visitation During Your Pets Stay

At Pet N Play Resort, we know that dogs and cats thrive on routine. Unexpected arrival of guests during your pet’s stay can upset rather than comfort them. Sending visitors is therefore highly discouraged.


We offer car service to our facility from New York City and destinations all over the tri-state area 7 days a week!

Cancellation policy

In the unfortunate event you must cancel your reservation, please keep in mind our two week cancellation policy. All reservations cancelled within the two week window will incur a penalty fee equal to the deposit.


New Clients

The health and safety of our guests is our #1 priority. Therefore, new clients are required to complete a Check in Sheet prior to their first stay. This permanent profile helps us understand your pet’s background, personality and special needs so we can make his/her visit at Pet N Play as safe and as comfortable as possible.

In addition, to ensure accuracy, each client must complete a check-in menu and a grooming menu (if grooming) for each stay.

Resort Agreement  & Grooming Release

Check In Sheet

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