Overnight Accommodations


Dog Accommodations

From our cozy den like comforts to our spacious suites we will find the perfect fit to accommodate teeny tiny, extra large or even multiple dog families. We offer airy indoor rooms and plenty of outdoor space to roam and romp in.

At Pet N Play we’re confident that at the end of the day after the last bedtime kiss has been given, your dog will sleep like a baby – and you will, too, knowing your pet is enjoying the vacation of a lifetime!

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NEWBURGH, NEW YORK -- DECEMBER 08: Pets staying at the Middlehope Vetreinary Pet Hotel. PHOTOGRAPHS BY MATT MOYER & AMY TOENSING

Activities and packages

These one-on-one play sessions are great for all pets and tailored to your pet’s size, energy level, and play style. Enjoy a game of tag, fetch, or Frisbee outdoors; or a snuggle, belly rub, and honey scratch indoors.

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Special Medical Needs

The highly trained staff at Pet N Play Luxury Pet Resort understands that some of our guests may have certain medical needs that require extra special attention. As a veterinarian-owned and supervised pet resort, we’re happy to provide peace of mind and tender loving care for pets with chronic conditions, including epilepsy, diabetes, and arthritis.

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Our chauffer will escort your pet between our resort and your home, the train station, local hotels & resorts, the airport, New York City, and destinations all over the tri-state area.
Please call our Reservation Specialist to schedule your pick up time at (845) 562-7861.

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Vaccination & health requirements

The health and safety of all our guests is our top priority. So we have implemented a prudent vaccination and preventative protocol.

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Call us today at (845) 562-7861 to learn why we are so much more than your typical dog boarding and cat boarding facility!

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